A Decade of Dapper Style at the Met Gala

Met Gala is an event that takes place annually and that takes a lot of preparation. It is known that from the day after the event, the Met Gala team begins to work on the next edition, so their work takes a lot of effort, organization, and dedication.

It is known that the event is by invitation, but it is possible to purchase tickets for around USD 50,000 (not confirmed). But this is not a guarantee of being accepted at the event, since there is a list of high-profile celebrities, such as tycoons and businessmen who are on the waiting list to attend.

The guest list is very selective, but I have come to the conclusion that they are trending guests and that they can bring very good business opportunities to the fashion industry. That is why I share with you my best-dressed male personalities in the last decade of the Met Gala.

Austin Butler: Classic and elegant. | Source @themetgalaofficial
Shawn Mendes. A monochrome and simple look but without leaving out Shawn’s style. | Source @themetgalaofficial
Harry Styles: A very daring look but that gives something to talk about. | Source @themetgalaofficial
Elon Musk: Patent leather shoes, very ad hoc to his style. | Source: Getty Images
Bradley Cooper: Keeps it extra simple but elegant. | Source @themetgalaofficial
Johnny Suh: A very daring but imposing style. | Source @themetgalaofficial
Yahya Abdul Mateen II: 10/10 | Source @themetgalaofficial
Pete Davidson: Very free style, and what a great woman by his side! | Source: Getty Images

Carlos Zatch | www.carloszatch.com | @carloszatch