The Towers at Pacifica at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort.

Los Cabos, one of my favorite destinations when it comes to talking about Mexico. I had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful The Towers at Pacifica at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort, located in front of the Pacific Ocean in the beautiful town of Cabo San Lucas.

My flight parted from Los Angeles to Los Cabos, after having spent some incredible days in that beautiful american city, the return to Mexico couldn’t have been warmer thanks to the beautiful sunny weather of Cabo.

Upon arriving at the airport, I was greeted by the kindest driver who would take me to the hotel, which was approximately a 45-minute drive from Los Cabos International Airport to Pueblo Bonito Towers at Pacifica.

When arriving at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, I was taken to the VIP Lounge, where I was welcomed with cocktails and an impressive panoramic view of the majestic and vast sea. 

After having enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean, I was joined for dinner by my good friend who accompanied me for the rest of my stay. Peninsula restaurant was a delight in all the essence of the word, we enjoyed an excellent pairing that the staff kindly prepared for us, along with Mediterranean dishes that proudly stood out on the table and that we gladly delighted on. 

What better than to unwind from a long trip than with a massage? Or hey, who wouldn’t like to get a massage while on vacation?

So, that’s exactly what we did. In the hands of the very knowledgeable massage therapists from Pueblo Bonito, we embarked on a stress and pain relieving couples massage. We were treated with massive care and professionalism, feelings of wellness and meditative state were incredibly high during this experience, I’m convinced there is only one part that I dislike from this massage and that is, the fact that it ended. 

In the afternoon, we enjoyed our time in a cabin right in front of the ocean, a mixology class was imparted to us by the local staff, where Mezcal and Tequila stood out in their signature recipes. Every cocktail is directly influenced by the diverse flavors and culture of Mexico, what a wonder!

In my travels, I always find a moment to rest and enjoy the present moment, reading an incredible book that I am about to finish titled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, a gem.

The second night of our stay, we spent a beautiful evening by the moon illuminating the ocean, enjoying an exquisite dinner at La Frida restaurant. With beautifully presented dishes inspired by traditional recipes from all corners of Mexico, the place was warmly lit and decorated in a classic-medieval style (according to my perspective), the night was undoubtedly beautiful.

¿Are there golf enthusiasts reading the blog? The truth is, I have practiced it very few times and although I am not the greatest golfer there is, I am glad to share the experience. I was fortunate to visit the beautiful golf courses on Quivira, which is part of the Pueblo Bonito’s family. I shared some videos on my Instagram where I was surprised that I had a large audience fascinated with how beautiful hole number 13 is!  One of my favorites, with a spectacular view of the Pacific.

For our third and last night, we were surprised with a wonderful dinner setting right on the beach. Pueblo Bonito prepared for us what they call a “Sunset Teepee”, which consisted of a tall triangular tent made with palms and wood sticks subtracted from the region. The incredible chef cooked our food right in front of us, which allowed our senses to anticipate the wonderful flavors we were about to taste. The menu was a perfect mixture between land and sea, where every dish paired perfectly with every cocktail. Surrounded by torches, moonlight and the sound of the peaceful waves, we ended our night with a platter of sweet desserts. I would recommend this experience to anyone who would like a truly outstanding and memorable evening with a loved one. 

Lastly, I would love to thank the incredible staff of Pueblo Bonito for this incredible experience, very attentive at all times. If you travel to Los Cabos and are looking for accommodation where you can meet new people, enjoy beautiful sunsets, golf afternoons and have a quiet time, Towers at Pacifica is the ideal place.

Carlos Zatch, December 2020.


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