A Hidden Gem in La Baja, Mexico

The stay begins with a welcoming ritual, which has been one of the things that impacted me the most about this beautiful hotel. They asked me if I wanted to fulfill any personal goals during my stay, and my answer was to connect with my feelings in an authentic and sentimental way. 

My room was located on the top of a three-floor building, I was impressed with the details in the interiors as well as the beautiful architecture featured in Paradero.

The beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean in the background and the beautiful desert of La Baja made for the picture perfect setting, not to mention the sounds of nature that made me feel like I was in harmony with the world. 

If you appreciate privacy as much as I do when it comes to traveling,  you will thoroughly enjoy Paradero. The hotel surpassed my expectations in terms of reconnecting with myself, I could take relaxing showers with the sounds of the sea and the birds singing in the background; yes, it was as cinematic as it sounds.

The days started with exquisite breakfasts that demonstrated the culinary art of Paradero,  I truly felt like I was home away from home, only better. 

A glass of wine and a catch of the day were the essentials to end my nights after a day full of adventures.

Talking about adventure, Paradero provides activities that I highly recommend to complement your stay. I had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful mountain bike ride along the Pescadero coast, which is the closest town to the hotel, where I enjoyed panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, followed by a good talk about the history of the place. 

Surfing, the satisfaction was magnificent, Paradero makes sure that its guests are happy with the experience at all times. I can confirm this by experience, they gave us the best Surf instructors, who have classes for beginners and advanced surfers.  I thank them so much for pushing me and having made me experience new challenges like this one. 

I thank the Paradero team for this exquisite experience that I fully recommend to anyone that desires to connect with nature and experience true happiness while connecting with oneself. 

Thank you for reading!

Carlos Zatch | @carloszatch

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