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For me, mornings are the most powerful to receive inspiration. I consider that waking up to a beautiful sunrise and the sea breeze in front of me was one of the most impressive things during my stay in Ahau Tulum.

The sea is one of my favorite places, it has been my source of inspiration when I have felt out of place on many occasions. I have a very special affection for Tulum since it was one of the first destinations I visited when I started my career as a Travel Blogger, it inspired me a lot to create content and write, therefore, every time I have the opportunity to return, I appreciate it and it gives me very good energy to continue with my projects.

The Ahau hotel has very comfortable rooms with tropical designs that make you feel in the jungle. The kitchen is homey, the breakfasts are my favorite part of this hotel. They have a restaurant inside the hotel and a delicious Acai Bowls and smoothies place called Raw Love that is also inside Ahau. The sunrises are spectacular and magical, I highly recommend adding watchin the sunrise to your morning routine.

The Alaya hotel, which is located a few meters from Ahau and is part of the Ahau Collection, has a very peaceful vibe that makes you feel very calm. Our room was very well located facing the garden and the sea. I was very impressed with how much they take care of the flora inside the place. They told us that the turtles walk to the hotel at night, but that they have a protocol to take care of them. We received visits from brightly colored birds every morning as we received our breakfast from the room’s balcony, which was our favorite thing.
Alaya has yoga classes every day, which I recommend, to start the day fresh.

Both hotels were very welcoming and made us feel wonderful during our stay in Tulum Beach.

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Ahau Tulum | https://ahaucollection.com/ahau-tulum/
Alaya Tulum | https://ahaucollection.com/alaya-tulum/

Ahau Tulum

Ahau Tulum

Alaya Tulum