Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills Hotel

Some days ago, I had the opportunity to stay a couple of nights at one of the most iconic hotels in the history of Beverly Hills. 

Beverly Wilshire is the hotel where scenes from the movie “Pretty Woman” were filmed in the 90s, throughtout the film you can observe the beauty and luxury of the very singular Hollywood-like lifestyle. If you haven’t seen this film, why wouldn’t you? I encourage you to grab your popcorn and enjoy this incredibly charming romantic comedy that became a modern classic the minute it hit the box office many years ago. 

Beverly Wilshire, reflects an incredibly cinematographic scenery, where elegance and contemporaneity blend into perfect harmony, always welcoming and seizing upon the beautiful backdrop views of Beverly Hills, from every window it’s easy to appreciate the opulent skyscrapers of Downtown Los Angeles. 

To stay at Beverly Wilshire was delightful in itself due to its wonderful amenities, perfectly curated spaces to capture the true essence of Beverly Hills, but I must admit I became even more so delighted and lucky for my stay once I learned the past history of this beautiful place, which still remains latent in every corner of every room. 

Personally, I highly enjoy spaces where classical and modern styles come together, this hotel definitely offers that. Beautiful chandeliers illuminate every delicate ornament displayed on the hallways and big rooms of the hotel. Walking through the corridors at night became one of my favorite moments of my stay just for this simple reason. 

Although it was a short stay, I was able to have the calmest and most satisfying rest, since my room, which was on one of the higher floors, had an incredibly peaceful atmosphere.

I would most definitely recommend to stay at this beautiful hotel to anyone who would like to experience true luxury, I can guarantee that you will be amazed by every detail, the vastness of its history, the scenery and of course, the wonderful service. 

Thank you very much to every single member of Beverly Wilshire that helped make my stay the most wonderful one. I can testify that a hotel is not only made by its structure, what truly gives it life and value it’s the people working every day to achieve that their guests have magical and worthwhile experiences, and at that, they make an excellent job. 

And thank you, reader for joining me. I wish you a very wonderful new year. 

-Carlos Zatch, January 2021.

Essential Information

Beverly Wilshire Hotel | Address: 9500 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 | Phone Number: +1 310-275-5200 | Website