This blog post is partnered with Casai, but all thoughts, words and photography are my own.

I decided to take a few days off in the Riviera Maya; I couldn’t choose a better place than Tulum to relax and enjoy the Caribbean breeze, surrounded by jungle-style vegetation.

It is essential to have my daily routine even when I travel, whether this is the reason for pleasure or work; Being real, I don’t always manage to accomplish all the tasks in my routine, but I try to maintain a productive rhythm life.

Casai has been a great help to find a quiet, relaxing place in an excellent area, and above all, with the comforts that I need as a traveller and entrepreneur to disconnect and connect with my work life.

If you haven’t heard about Casai yet, you should!

Casai is a new boutique apartment company offering vacation rentals for modern travellers. They’re currently located in Mexico City, Tulum, Sao Paulo, Rio, with more locations to come.

Two hours drive from the Cancun International Airport, and I was already breathing the fresh air of the Tulum jungle.

The reception was really great; it made me feel at home. The complex had everything necessary to stay a few days and rest after a day of adventure in Tulum. This cosy spot is sure to make you feel like you’re right at home.

One of my favourite parts of the place was the plunge pool area, it was really cosy, and I was lucky enough to catch the best sunsets there. 

I remember those days exploring Tulum’s beach area, riding a wonderful bike provided by Casai, drinking exquisite drinks, enjoying fantastic açai bowls (Raw Love at Ahau Tulum is my favourite place for vegan food), taking beautiful pictures and meeting new people!

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-Carlos Zatch, July 2021.