Experiencing Tranquility and Elegance at Four Seasons Hotel, Vail, Colorado

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Earlier this month, I traveled to the beautiful snowy mountains of Vail, Colorado. Although I consider every single one of my adventures to be special, this time was even more so due to my very special guest: my mother.

I surprised my mother with this trip as a way of thanking her for always being there for me, she truly embodies what’s good in this world and deserves nothing less. 

The minute I told my mother about our upcoming trip, apart from being moved by the gesture, she made sure to have everything ready for what we knew would be extremely memorable times.

Experiencing the cold weather and seeing the snow was going to be a totally new experience for us, since we are usually surrounded by the warmth of the Mexican sun for the entirety of the year, no less. 

With the biggest jackets and coats we could find in the shops of our sunny town, we flew into the Denver airport, which is about an hour and 40 minutes from Four Seasons Vail, where we would be staying. We traveled in the morning, which allowed us to appreciate beautiful mountainous landscapes covered with snow during the journey.

If you ask me, there’s nothing more inviting than the bedrooms at Four Seasons, I especially remember the beautiful fireplace that kept burning for the entirety of our stay, providing the coziest atmosphere, not to mention the beautiful balcony that overlooked the most wonderful winter scenery filled with snowy mountains and majestic pine trees.

The food was fantastic, Four Seasons Vail proudly offers an array of delicious dishes, assuring that not many can equal their otherworldly cuisine.

We made sure to always start our mornings with big cups of coffee, enough protein to fill us with energy for the rest of the day and our favorite delight, croissants. 

What made everything better was the beautiful view of nature that we couldn’t get enough of, taking in the nature that surrounded us was one of our favorite things to do during this trip, which is why we were more than happy to dedicate our first day in Vail to doing exactly that. Feelings of tiredness and happiness filled our bodies as our first night in Vail came to its end.

I have to confess that I am not an expert practicing ‘ski’, I have only practiced it a couple of times, so I consider myself a beginner in the game. However, this did not stop me from enjoying the beautiful mountains from Vail. My mother decided to be an observer for this one, and I must confess I totally understand why, given the mountain looked quite intimidating from where we initially stood, for a moment I considered staying with her, you know, to keep her some company.

With newfound feelings of bravery I headed to the Ski Lounge on the third floor if I’m not mistaken, from where the staff sends your skis to the entrance of the gondola, this way you avoid the burden of carrying your heavy equipment, which was such an amazing detail, Four Seasons masters the art of making sure you have the most memorable but also most comfortable experiences. 

If you visit Vail and you feel the interest in skiing, do yourself the wonderful favor of daring to live this experience. If you are a beginner like me, make sure to take classes to learn about the basics, the team from Four Seasons Vail will be there to guide you.

I suggest getting your passes through EpicPass, where you can select the best option for you according to your personal needs. With this, you can make use of all the tracks available on the mountain that you can access through gondolas. Once at the top, you will be impressed with the spectacular views.

 I recommend you to visit “The 10th” restaurant, which is just up the first gondola, it’s perfect for enjoying a few beers and delicious lunch after a long ski adventure. 

I want to thank Four Seasons Vail for being so helpful at all times, and Gorsuch for providing me with the right equipment to play the sport.

Jonathan, a very attentive member of Four Seasons, who I’m now glad to call a great friend, encouraged us to take a tour of Vail and its surroundings. We were entrusted with a beautiful Mercedes G Wagon, kindly provided to us by the Resort.

We drove by beautiful small towns that looked like sets from a movie. Of course, we stopped various times to capture and photograph the beautiful landscapes. 

By the request of my mother, the rest of our afternoon consisted of serious Christmas shopping, so there we were, heading east of Vail, enjoying the incredible scenery before our eyes. Driving this beauty through the christmassy town of Vail was extraordinary. 

I want to thank Four Seasons Vail for making this experience possible. Without a doubt these were days that my mother and I will remember for many years to come, with laughter, with new experiences and very wholesome memories we said goodbye to this magical place. 

Don’t forget to visit my Instagram Highlight “Vail” where I highlight my entire stay at the hotel, as well as my activities during the trip.

Thank you for reading!

-Carlos Zatch, December 2020.


Beautiful room deets.

Thank you in advance and happy holidays!

-Carlos Zatch, December 2020.

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Four Seasons Vail | Website | Instagram | Address: 1 Vail Rd, Vail, CO 81657 | Phone Number: +1 970-477-8600

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