We flew from Los Cabos to Vancouver straight to Whistler, switched from the tropical part of México “Los Cabos” where the temperature is around 25-30 ºC on this season, to Whistler -1ºC.

Our room at Four Seasons Whistler was amazing. We had an incredible view from the balcony to the snowy mountains. We decided to take breakfast from the balcony, and just wow I had no words for this amazing time.

The room was so comfortable and they were taking care of every detail. Waking up by that view and ending up our day with that amazing room, such a great experience.

Always traveling with my favorite suitcase from Away!

Getting there:

There are many means of transport that you can find when leaving Vancouver airport, there is not much to worry about. The Four Seasons Whistler offers different types of transportation at different prices, they contact you at least 2 weeks before your arrival so you have everything ready when you arrive, as well as book activities such as SKI for class, equipment rental, etc.

Whistler is around 2 hours from Vancouver International Airport.

What to do in Whistler:

I consider Whistler as a perfect place to spend quiet days of relaxation and adventure. Here are some recommendations based on our trip, we are in our 20s, but it can accommodate all types of ages:

  • SKI: Whistler is an incredible place to ski, however, it lends a lot to people who already know how to do it. With incredible views of the town, you can climb the mountain and spend an incredible day skiing. If you are a beginner, do not worry, there are established areas for it and instructors that will help you with your best attitude.
  • Shopping. I recommend spending the day walking around the town, visiting the shops. A great plan is walking in the cold (very well sheltered) with a hot drink in hand, visiting bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores, while we saw the shops around the village. You can find winter clothes, as well as to train in the gym, our favorite was Lululemon & Salomon.
  • Spa. What better than in such a cold climate, relax in a pool with hot temperature while in the background you have the view of the snowy mountains.

The Four Seasons Whistler offers an excellent spa area, with relaxation rooms, steam room, and an amazing pool outside. Now if you want to burn calories, it has a very well equipped 24-hour gym.

  • Eat. It is well known that when we travel we gain some weight, and it is valid. In Whistler, you will find a variety of food of all kinds, if you walk through the village, you will have access to different types of kitchens.

Our favorite was sushi, where we found 2 amazing places to eat it, “Sushi Village” impressed us.

Another very good one was “Mac and Cheese”, they wrote to me on Instagram about that place, and we were impressed with how delicious it is. It’s called “Brewhouse” and it’s right in front of the Olympic Games statue. To eat carbohydrates I recommend “Purebread“, and if you want to eat healthy and vegan “The Green Mustache Organic Café“. Those mentioned above are easy to find, everything is in the village walking.

Also, if you want to try something different I suggest the Vodka bar in Whistler, it’s inside of the “Bearfoot Bistro” restaurant, and you can get there so easy. You’ll experience Vodka drinking, in an Ice Room, nice if you want to try something different.

Thanks to the Four Seasons Whistler team, for making a cozy stay, making us feel at home.

Happy holidays!


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