How To Take The Best Advantage Of Instagram Reels

How To Take The Best Advantage Of Instagram Reels

• Give preference to sounds lasting up to six seconds. 

I know that it is sometimes tricky only to choose a few videos/photos for your Reel, but I assure you that you will have more range if you use a few seconds. (I would have liked to know earlier that Instagram prioritizes shorter videos and people watch the shorter videos).

• Hashtags

Use hashtags specific to your niche and that are not such generals. My favourites: #luxurytravelguide #honeymoondestination #weddingdestination.

• Include a text at the beginning of your reel that says what the video is about.

Try to keep it short and with words, people might be interested in and looking for.

• Look for sounds that, apart from having the little arrow pointing up, have less than 5k videos. 

It will help your reel not get lost in a sound with millions of videos already created.

The arrow.

• Turn your photo dumps into Reels.

Take your best photos + videos of your trip and find trending sounds. You can quickly identify these (they have a little up arrow next to the name of the sound (which means they are viral).

In my experience as a content creator, Instagram has given Reel videos much more priority over the last year than static posts in my feed. -Carlos Zatch