How To Take The Best Advantage Of Instagram Reels

How To Take The Best Advantage Of Instagram Reels

Meta’s ad revenue from Reels (across Instagram and Facebook) is now on a $1 billion annual run rate, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told analysts on the Q2 earnings call. The company’s monetization rate for Reels is still lower than Feed or Stories, he added, but longer term “we’re confident that Reels will grow engagement overall and quality and will eventually monetize closer to Feed.”

“We’ll continue to build features that make it easier and more fun to create and share Reels on Instagram,” Instagram said in a blog last week outlining new features.

So here are my suggestions:

• Give preference to sounds lasting up to six seconds.

I know that it is sometimes difficult to only choose a few videos/photos for your Reel; but I assure you that you will have more range if you use a few seconds. (Would have liked to know earlier that Instagram prioritizes shorter videos and people watch the shorter videos).


Use hashtags specific to your niche and that are not so generals. My favourites: #luxurytravelguide #honeymoondestination #weddingdestination.

• Include a text at the beginning of your reel that says what is the video about.

Try to keep it short and with words that people might be interested and really looking.

• Look for sounds that, apart from having the little arrow pointing up, have less than 5k videos.

This will help your reel is not lost in a sound that has millions of videos already created.

The arrow.

• Turn your photo dumps into Reels.

This is a really good one. Take your best photos + videos of your trip and find sounds that are trending, you can easily identify these (they have a little up arrow next to the name of the sound (this means they are viral).

In my experience as a content creator, Instagram has given Reels videos a lot more priority over the last year than static posts in my feed. -Carlos Zatch (July 31, 2022).