JW Marriott Cancun: An escapade to the Mexican Caribbean

After being in lockdown for about 5 months I finally traveled again, of course, with utmost precaution and needed safety measures regarding this pandemic. 

I went from coast to coast, departing from Los Cabos and arriving in Cancun, Mexico. 

This was my first time visiting Cancun, so I was thrilled when JW Marriott offered me the opportunity to visit them!

From my arrival at the hotel, I was greeted by the staff at the entrance, where I was given sanitizing gel, my temperature was taken, and my luggage was taken to be disinfected.

During my check-in process, I was treated very kindly, where I was given instructions to have hygiene measures and avoid contagion of COVID-19 during my stay. I was provided with a kit containing portable hygiene items.

Upon reaching my room, I was greeted by an incredible view of the beautiful turquoise blue of the Cancun sea.

After taking a short tour of the hotel, I visited a restaurant located in the neighboring hotel Marriott Cancun, which is connected to JW Marriott Cancun.

I was warmly received by the staff at Sacbé Beach Shack, where I was captivated by the mouth-watering dishes, not to mention the beautifully presented cocktails. While choosing my dish, I decided to go for seafood, given that while in the Caribbean Cancun there is not a fresher option. 

I found myself in a highly pleasing atmosphere, the relaxing music in the background and the wonderful views were appropriate to the “Tulum” style, so if you ever go to Cancun and want to experience the Tulum vibes I highly recommend going to Sacbé Beach Shack. 

“Aguachile” & “Ceviche”: Authentic Mexican Recipe.

Wonderful dinner at Gustino Italian Grill

In the afternoon, I had the chance of visiting Gustino Italian Grill restaurant, I was delighted with an incredible dinner, the staff were very attentive, I remember Michael, who attended us and gave us a very informative lesson on northern Italian wines, everything he suggested was as incredible as he described, and the tasteful dinner was its excellent pairing. 

From the starter to the dessert, everything was outstanding. (Visit my highlight on Instagram “Cancun” to see the experience more closely).


My room on the ninth floor of the complex was great.
Personally, I find it crucial to have a spacious and peaceful room where I can work and rest.

The view was very beautiful, it had two balconies where I could appreciate the sea breeze every morning, enjoying one or two double espressos (my morning boost), as well as taking an incredible hot bath in the bathtub.

Working from a nice Cabana

The following days I had to work, so I decided to take on a cabana by the beach called “Bali Bed” where I had internet connection at all times, I was kindly attended by the wonderful staff from JW Marriott Cancun. Always following all the necessary measures, they definitely made sure I was feeling safe and comfortable at all times. 

Reflecting in my sunglasses, the beautiful turquoise waters of Cancun.
This is what was brought to me when I stayed at my cabana, the quality and quantity of every item of food displayed was unbelievable.

It’s Mezcal Tasting Time

One thing I will not forget was the Mezcal Tasting. It consisted of a variety of 150 margaritas, where the mixology is quite exotic and colorful, we left the place feeling very content and cheerful after the incredible experience. The staff was very attentive and professional at all times, as well as incredibly knowledgeable about their liqueurs. 

Everywhere I went I made sure to wear my mask, let’s stay safe while enjoying wonderful moments.

Let’s not forget dinner at the Sasi Thai restaurant, where they delighted us with an incredible Thai-style meal, I love Asian food, so I was so excited to visit, their dishes were as delightful as I imagined, as well as their mixology, and what better than the view from the restaurant where we enjoyed the wonders of the spectacular sunset.

Thank you JW Marriott Cancun for the incredibly memorable days. I left without wanting to leave, I certainly hope this won’t be my only time visiting this wonderful resort. 

I must confess, there are not many places like JW Marriott Cancun, and if you are looking for a wonderful resort to visit Cancun, this is your sign! 

Thank you for reading, until next time.

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-Carlos Zatch