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The bed is where days start and end, that’s why I take a lot of importance in making mine as comfortable as can be. 

I love that feeling of being well rested after a long night’s sleep, before Parachute that didn’t happen as much as it happens now.  

Enjoying my cup of tea in the morning from the comfort of my bed has become part of my daily routine thanks to the noticeable quality in fabrics from Parachute. 

What drew me into this brand is the wonderful way they combine aesthetics and attention to detail in every one of their designs. 

I found myself aligned in style with Parachute, the way sateen and linen go so well together, in my favorite colors fog & sand, truly the most wonderful pairing. 

Nowadays I have reduced my trips a lot due to the situation that we are experiencing worldwide Parachute makes me experience the feeling as if I was in a luxury hotel room, except I’m home. 

“Perfectly messy”
-> Sateen Top Sheet
-> Linen Duvet Cover

Thank you!


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