Wellness #1 (EN)

Today during a meditation series, trying to connect with myself due to not feeling taken care of by me, I decided to start this new section on my blog titled “Wellness.”

Internal health is of the utmost importance, but sometimes we leave this aside and forget to take care of our bodies with healthy and positive habits.

I was in a moment of chaos, and it was raining in my city (which I like a lot). I felt a massive cloud in the building where I live, and I was on a call with a great friend, where I felt my body telling me, “listen to your inner self, repetitively.

To make the long story short, I have a notebook where I write down my thoughts from time to time. I want to do it daily, haha, but since I have the notebook, I have not achieved it, or rather, it has never been my goal. So instead, I like to blow off some steam from time to time and get my “blessings” down on paper. I acquired this notebook on a trip to Tulum for New Year 2021, and it has accompanied me on many trips and different stages of my life since then.

After jotting down my thoughts for today, I put on my “Frequencies 432 Hz” playlist, which has worked for me for a couple of years now, to sort my mind. At first, I used it to sleep, even that’s what I called it on Spotify “Frequencies 432Hz to sleep”, but over time I have adapted it to have calm in my life. Even when I want to sleep on long flights, it works wonders for me.

Here are some tips to feel better:

  • Drink hot tea. My favorites are:

Twinings | Immune Support+ Ginger & Mango Flavored Green Tea – It contains Vitamin C, which is excellent for strengthening your immune system.

Twinings of London | Earl Gray Black Tea | CVS PHARMACY

Tealeaves | https://www.tealeaves.com/ | English Breakfast, Organic Peppermint, Organic Earl Gray with Lavender, Organic Chamomile Blossoms.

(Only if you feel like listening to sounds), I recommend it with headphones if they are noise canceling better or if you are alone and do not have any noise in a speaker or your laptop. This will help you clear your mind and be in the moment. I recommend you take care of your thoughts and focus on the now.

  • Write. Take a notebook with which you feel comfortable, or if you think that it is going to be read to you (which should not happen), use tools such as Word and upload your notes in a cloud that you can view later (it will help you to know how you previously felt).
  • Call a friend. It can also be a family member, whoever you feel comfortable with. Almost all of us have someone like that. If not, look for someone from the past with whom you can start a pleasant conversation. Exchanging ideas and being listened to are very helpful.
  • Breathe fresh air. Go out to your balcony, terrace, patio, the park, a café, wherever you feel comfortable, but feel the fresh air. This is priceless and is of great help to your mind and body.
  • Do exercise. Choose your favorite sport or activity, and start with the minimum. It can even be running or just walking. I like swimming! I release a lot of stress, and it calms me down. Exercise is essential. If you don’t feel comfortable going to a gym, you can go to a park or home; the thing is to move.
  • Pamper yourself and eat delicious food. Order your favorite food at home without guilt. My favorite pleasure is a hot Latte with two brown sugar and one or two decadent pieces of bread (conchas, croissants, donuts); the thing is that you feel comfortable and pamper yourself. You can repeat this as many times as you want, pamper yourself, and you are in this world to be happy.

I share my favorite coffee to prepare at home.

Lavazza Coffee Capsules | https://www.lavazza.com/en/coffee.html | Delizioso, Qualità Oro – Sinfonia Perfetta

  • Stay productive. You are already relaxed and know who you are; let’s hit it! Working and staying active are very important. Hit it with those prospects, those calls, those photos you wanted to capture; hit it with what you like! Staying busy and productive is an excellent medicine for your body :).

A movie. Seven Years in Tibet.

A sound meditation track: “Sleep Meditation for Positive Energy” – Michael Sealey.”

I hope these tips will help you, and do not forget that you are in this world to be happy. So do what you like and live to please yourself!

-Carlos Zatch.